grass feeding and maintenance

Question: Is now a good time to feed the lawn or have I missed the window?

Answer: Early May is definitely a good time to feed the lawn, but if you have already given your lawn a feed and moss kill, don’t overfeed feed it or you run the risk of scorching the lawn. I would recommend giving it another feed if it starts to look a bit weary, starts yellowing or looks less lush.


weed control in lawns and grass preston

Question: How should I deal with weeds in a lawn? Is it best to use a lawn weed killer, grass feed or put grass seed down?

Answer: The most important thing to remember when dealing with lawn weeds is that you must use a weed-specific weed killer on them. Using a general weed killer is just going to kill your grass too and dead grass is not a good look for a lawn!
Putting down grass feed to encourage the grass to grow will also encourage the weeds to grow too, so make sure you have removed those pesky unwanted weeds before feeding your grass.
Remember – if you use any kind of weed killer always read the instructions carefully as they could cause pets or children to become ill if they come into contact with them whilst playing on your lawn.