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Preston garden services are perfectly located in Lancashire to cover the Preston area. At George’s Gardens we love gardening and pride ourselves on having excellent customer relationships having built our reputation from commitment to both customer and supplier. Some of our current clients have shared their experiences of our services and these can be found on the “Testimonials” section of the website.

As your local Preston gardeners we offer a variety of garden ideas and services from lawn care and hedge trimming right through to fence painting and pressure washing. More detail on the services we provide can be found in the “Gardening Services” and “Advanced Services” section of the website.

If you would like to contact us to arrange a viewing or for a chat about your needs, our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to answer any immediate questions you might have. We are contactable by phone or email and details can be found on the “Contact Us” section of the website.

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“I’ve always loved being outdoors and working in gardens. It’s just great that I have a job now where I can spend my time doing exactly what I love – George Jezeph”


George started his career as a gardener in 2010 working for a firm located in Surrey. After gaining experience in working both private and commercial gardens, he then completed a diploma in Horticulture at Merrist Wood situated in Guildford.

In 2013 George took the next step in his gardening career and began his own gardening business, first in Surrey then relocating to Preston, Lancashire in 2015.

Our ethos is centred around personalised services and individual garden plans. Whether you’re the type of person who enjoys getting their hands dirty alongside their gardener, the type who prefers watching and overseeing the work being completed or whether you prefer just to be able to enjoy the results, George’s Gardens in Preston will accommodate you.

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preston grass cutting services

We understand that the main feature to any garden is the lawn and that a tidy and well-kept lawn can make a huge difference in a garden’s appearance. As well as regular lawn cutting throughout the spring and summer, we provide lawn care services, making sure your lawn is looking healthy all year round.


preston pressure cleaning service

During the autumn and winter months, patios and decking can build up a layer of algae and dirt making it look grubby and at times a slippery health hazard! With a regular power wash you can not only have your patios and decking safe to walk on, but also looking great ready for that first BBQ of the season!


Regular maintenance of hedges is vital if you want them looking good. We are highly skilled in trimming and shaping hedges of all sizes and we also undertake hedge reductions if the hedge is blocking lots of your natural light. We can also install new hedges of various types or replace hedging where necessary.


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One of the simplest ways to fight climate change and help keep our planet happy and healthy is by producing our own compost. As grass cuttings, weeds, hedge clippings and prunings get removed from the garden we need to be putting back nutrients into the earth, and what better way to do that than to make your own compost. Whether its a small bin at the end of the garden or a full scale composting operation, we have the know how to build and maintain any sort of composter. This will go on to support us as we work in your garden.


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Weeds are notorious for popping up in garden beds, paths and driveways and being difficult to get rid of. We recognise the importance of regular weed management and with our experience and knowledge of weeds you can rest easy knowing that when are finished with your garden it will be weed-free and looking good.


preston hedge trimming

The rewards of pruning and training shrubs and trees are great and include increased flower and fruit production, more defined shape and good plant health as well as making sure your garden looks tidy and well-managed. We have extensive knowledge and experience of pruning and training.